Monday, June 27, 2016

Our 2016 Disney Family Vacation

June 1st we headed to Disney. It was our very first time as a family, I was the only one who had ever been before. It was an experience.

  1. We got shuffled around on Disney buses for 2 hours trying to get to their waterpark.
  2. I lost my 10 year old for 3 hours once we finally got there.
  3. Husband broke his iPhone while looking for lost child.
  4. I choked at a fancy Disney restaurant.
  5. Husband lost his wallet at same restaurant.
  6. I had hives all week.
  7. I got motion sickness on kid rides daily.
  8. It was HAWT and then pouring down rain.
Despite all of the excitement listed above, it was still A-MAZ-ING!

We stayed at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside resort. I got a million steps in. We rode tons of rides. We loved Disney Springs. Disney Quest was super fun. I ate ALLLLL the food. It was so fun and we had a blast.

  • Be patient, expect long lines and crowds.
  • Book fast passes as soon as you're allowed.
  • Book dining reservations 6 months in advance if you're staying on site.
  • Splurge on the memory maker so you get all your photos for one price.
  • Don't lose your child or wallet, it's not fun.