Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My New Addiction - Clickity Clickity Pancakes

If you're a Family Guy fan, you get the title. As seen on my menu plan, I am ADDICTED to pancakes right now. I've never even liked pancakes and now I want them ALL the time. With chocolate chips. And peanut butter. And syrup. And fruit. And peanut butter granola.

I use just add water pancake mix, that by accident is vegan. I add in chocolate and make the pancakes. I go for two 4 inch pancakes. With chocolate chips they come out to 4p+.

I smear on just enough peanut butter. 2 tablespoons is FIVE Weight Watchers Plus points. I try to use 3/4 T for 1p+. I'm up to 5p+ now.

A drizzle of sugar free syrup. You can use a whole serving for 1p+. A whole banana minus the icky end for FREE. A sprinkle of organic pb granola for 1p+.

And this deliciousness is 7p+. Make sure you calculate as you go, as different brands can be more or less points.

It MELTS in your mouth. Warm and chocolatey. Sweet and sticky. OMG. THE BEST breakfast either, and easily vegan as long as you watch your pancake mix and your chocolate.

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