Tuesday, August 4, 2015

When You Think You NEED a Nanny

As many of you know, I work/blog from home while trying to keep 3 kiddos safe, happy, and entertained. Some days are a breeze, but other days I find myself wishing I had a nanny.  

The closest I have ever gotten was having a babysitter 30 miles away, and I would have to drive an hour round trip to drop my kiddos off and then another hour to pick them up. It wasn’t worth it.

I know many of you are in the same place that I am, juggling work at home and the kids. While some of you are supermom, getting your tasks done, the kiddos cared for, and dinner on the table before six; some of you have to be stressed and behind like I am.

Before you quit your at home job, shuffle the kids off to daycare, or find a babysitter on the other side of the state, consider getting a nanny. A nanny comes to you, and can actually be cheaper then you think. Check out this awesome post I found on the Mommy Edition website called How To Hire The Right Nanny For Your Kids.

How do I know this? I’ve been blogging for a company for years that handles the payroll and tax side of having a nanny, elder caregiver, or household employee. I’ve written numerous articles for them on how nannies can be less expensive then daycare, and all the huge tax deductions associated with having one.

What YOU need to know about nannies:

·        There are live-in and live-out nannies, they do NOT have to live with you.

·        You can have this type of employee on a full time, part time, or as needed basis.

·        They come to your home, so you WILL NOT be packing up the nursery and driving the kids across town to drop them and their 47 pounds of diapers, toys, clothes, and snacks off.

·       They come in all ages, shapes, sizes, genders, and nationalities. Just for giggles, a male nanny is called a “manny.”

·        Some have special skills like a second language, playing a musical instrument, or athletic specialties that they can actually teach your kiddos. Imagine having a caregiver for your 6 year old and a piano teacher all wrapped into one! Or a caregiver that is great at soccer to teach your kid how to improve their game. Some may be good at things like baking, and that is pretty sweet too. The options are endless!

·        Some families share a nanny to cut costs. The caregiver will have set hours at each families home, or they will keep kids from both families at a designated location.

If you decide you want need a nanny, you are not alone. I only have a few weeks left of summer, and then things in my messy home will be back to normal and I can get caught up. If your kiddos are still little, homeschooled, and/or you need a second set of hands, hiring a nanny can keep you sane. Make sure you do your homework, do a background check, check references, and pick someone that really meshes with your family. As an added bonus, all of your mommy friends will be super jealous that you have officially hired a nanny. ;)

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