Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Secret to Yummy Kid Pancakes

I can make wheat free banana pancakes like nobodies business, but my kids asked for the kind of pancakes that you get at IHOP. I don't push the healthier eating all the time, and totally believe that kids should be kids and get to eat what "typical" American kiddos eat.

So, I had some Pioneer mix that makes a billion different goods from one box. Just add water and eggs it said. I mixed it up, and then discovered I have no talent when it comes to traditional pancakes. That's okay, everyone has their weaknesses.

I was like if these pancakes are going to be burnt and ugly, I'm gonna throw some chocolate in there. Like magic, they instantly started being "pretty."

What's the secret to delicious yummy kid friendly pancakes? Apparently chocolate chips! WIN!

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