Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Easy Way to Be Productive

I am super lazy, and most of the time I embrace my inner procrastinator. When I do in fact need to get things done and can't put it off any longer, I make a to do list in my planner. My planner pretty much only gets used when a deadline is close and I am behind.

By making a list of everything that needs to be done (blog, workout, get 10k steps in, refill meds...), I can usually get more done in a DAY then I have been in a week. No joke.

If you're falling behind, or keep forgetting the important things, give planning a try. Sit down tonight and make a list of all the things you need to do TOMORROW, and then see how it goes in the morning. I bet it will rock your world, and you will be hooked!

I'm leaving you with a video that I watched this morning that backs up my list theory. She says it takes her 4 or 5 minutes to make her list and maximize productivity. If it works out for you, let me know. :)

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