Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My First Try With Avocado

How many avocadoes have I bought? Five or six. How many avocados have I eaten in my home? One.

I buy the avo. It's not ready. Wait for it, wait for it. BOOM, too late, avo is bad. NO!

This time I was super careful and today I got to try an avocado. Not bad. I'm kind of neutral on it. Maybe over time it will grow on me more. I LOVE the Taco Bell avocado ranch they put on the chicken burrito, which is what made me want to try one for real.

Breakfast was this bowl. Organic salad mix, onion, avocado, chicken breast, cantina salsa, and 1/2 cup of Spanish rice. I was one stuffed little Weight Watcher. :)

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