Sunday, August 16, 2015

M by Staples Arc Notebooks and Making Our Own Clips Erin Condren Style

So I went to Staples and spent a million dollars on their M by Staples Arc line. What is Arc you ask? A notebook "system"! NO I WAS NOT PAID FOR THIS POST, this was just something I have been wanting for MONTHS and finally splurged on. :)

This system allows you to BUILD YOUR OWN notebook or planner! You pick your notebook, they have poly and leather and come with paper in them, and then pick your accessories. Instead of spiral, this system uses DISCS. You can pop stuff in and out. You can literally take paper right out and put it right back in! I kid you not! Instead of round hole punches, it's shapes more of a mushroom shape and everything goes in and out.

NOTE: I bought all my Staples stuff when they had a 20% off coupon. Check their website and see if you can signup for email savings or text savings.

Little notebooks start at like $3.99. Letter size poly at $9.99 or leather at 22.99. Hubby got the brown leather and I got the purple. They come with 1/2 inch discs and we both got so many add-ons that we also bought the larger 1.5 inch discs. Everything popped out and right back in. Switching the discs was easy peasy.

They sell a punch for $45ish that allows you to punch any regular paper or pintables and snap them right in your notebook. Levenger sells a punch for $20, but we splurged for the bigger one. We bought some post it tabs and punched them and put our own accessories in. There's a video and tutorials on what kind of Post-It tabs to buy to make your own Erin Condren clips and we just did the same thing for the Arc system.

Stores like Hobby Lobby sell Me and My Big Idea Happy Planners. These are just planners on discs, and they have a whole line of accessories to add into their planners that fit the ARC system. I bought the Home Planner shown above (reg 9.99, but they always have 40% off coupons) and snapped it right into my purple leather ARC notebook. Since that pic I have added stickers and made the cover prettier. The home planner has a meal planning section, bills and budget section, house cleaning section, and more.

I bought this notebook system because I wanted to personalize and customize everything. This is how I am keeping my freelance work straight and my home straight. When my Plum Paper Planner gets here I plan to punch it and put it on discs too, because I LOVE this whole Arc system.

If you want a create your own notebook on discs, again you can get M by Staples Arc at Staples, the Levenger website has the Levenger brand but it's pricey, Happy Planner has some cute stuff, AND Walmarts is select locations now carry a super affordable discbound notebook selection called IQ 360 or 360 IQ.

And FYI, we are now ARCing EVERYTHING in this house! So addicting!

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