Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Give Your Kids a Head Start With Web Development Training

Parents start from day one trying to teach their little ones. In the first year there are first words and first steps. In the toddler years there is potty training, colors, and letters. Before you know it, your kids are in kindergarten learning to read and write their names.

Once your kiddo has the learning basics down (letters and numbers), consider giving them even more of an edge by getting them into web developing. If they love playing on the computer and love video games, they usually get a thrill out of web development training; creating their own web pages, sites, and games. Are they too young to be learning this type of skill? No! There’s a growing list of schools that have added coding and tech to the learning schedule in grades as low as kindergarten.

What does this mean to you? There are five year olds out there creating websites and designing programs. What does this mean for parents? If your kiddo isn’t learning these skills now, they could be falling behind. Careers in the future will rely on the kids who are at this time learning to create our future internet and computer experiences. Those who aren’t tech and programming savvy will have a harder time catching up to their peers in the field, and may have a harder time finding a job.

If your school isn’t offering these classes, consider signing your children up for classes and lessons online that allow them to learn from home. One company that offers web development training is appendTo.  The team at appendTo sees the future need of a technical workforce and highly encourages parents to begin building the excitement early. Kids do NOT see coding and web development training as work! They see it as playing and being creative. So while they probably won’t want to do their math homework, they will BEG to get on the computer and learn computer skills.

appendTo offers classes across the board to learn everything from HTML5 to Java. Don’t be surprised if your middle schoolers already know what these are. They offer an assortment of classes to boost skills with each program, with classes suitable for beginners and advanced students. Start your kiddos off learning the simple basics of web development, and allow them to progress onto the harder stuff as they improve. This is also a great opportunity for you as the parent to learn right along with them, so that you aren’t the one in the dark. Give your kids this head start, and they will be prepared for their future!

Photo courtesy of Amelia Wells on Flickr.

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