Sunday, March 29, 2015

80 Pounds Down and Some 5Ks In My Future

Okay so it's been a LONG time, so here is an update.

I'm down 80.2 pounds with Weight Watchers, and counting. My kids are GROWING like you wouldn't believe. They're not so little anymore.

We did the Biggest Loser 5k in October and a virtual Run for the Boobies 5k with Flex it Pink also in October.

Upcoming we are doing the Plano Balloon Festival 5k on Sat Sept 19, 2015 and Foam Glow on June 13th 2015. Somewhere in there, maybe May, I have another virtual run with Flex It Pink but I can't remember the details.

Still writing writing writing. I'm looking for guest post opps for one of my writing clients, a nanny/caregiver tax service company. If you have a mommy blog, nanny blog, elder care blog, or something along that line contact me for a guest post swapping opp with a Google page ranked 4 site. :)

OH and I read Dinner The Playbook and Dinner A Love Story, the exact same week that eating at the table was the theme for Weight Watchers. We have eaten at our table ever since. It really has changed my life.

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