Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014

Hi! So it's been a full year since I've posted anything... I've been a busy girl.

First off, the kids are FABULOUS! Happy and healthy and funny and crazy as usual. They're my life.

Secondly... I'm getting my ass in some sort of shape. From round to a little less round haha. Down 30 pounds since Oct 1 2013. Kicking butt and taking names. This girl in on fire. I'm on Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, MayMyWalk, RunKeeper... add me branandmike at Hotmail dot com. Find me on the Weight Watchers website, I'm Branana. I'm also on Instagram under SmittenBranana and Tumblr at BranIsSmitter. I'm all over the place. It helps me stay motivated.