Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Ramblings

24 days til 30 people, and the crazy has begun. I waited my whole life to be 25, but then came 26, 27, 28, 29 (which isn't a good number), and next up 30, which is just flat out old.

So, how can I celebrate 24 days til 30? I was thinking a list of 24 things. 24 RANDOM things/people/places/whatever that are kind of about me. Here goes:

  1. Lee Brice, who I am listening to right now as I blog, who I saw on Friday night at Billy Bob's, who sings Hard To Love, which most definitely describes me as I am a pain in the ass.
  2. Brownies, which I love. I like them gooey and soft in the middle, and I don't like the edges. I like my people like I like my brownies, soft, without sharpness or crunchy edges or burntness to them. I need the middle, the part that is never going to hurt your mouth or taste bad.
  3. Paris, which is the theme of my new soon to be redone bedroom. (Of which I have never been but I do have plans to go to Paris, TX.)
  4. Gray, the color I'm painting my walls, which I feel quite often.
  5. Rebel, cause I kinda am, and I use one for my photos.
  6. The library, one of my favorite places. Could be my very favorite place.
  7. Aqua, my very favorist color in the history of all colors.
  8. Dusty, the child who challenges me. Getting him to do something is frustrating... He is a puzzle. Quite a mystery. Sometimes so easy, and sometimes I feel he must've been switched at birth. He could be the biggest event/challenge/job of my life. I feel like a failure 99.9% of the time with him too. No idea what I'm doing or how to do it right. My instruction manual for this one never arrived. Dirt magnet, little kitchen nightmare like his mom, and so stinking creative it's unimaginable. Could be my mini-me, could be the problem. Maybe he is me amped up times a million.
  9. Panda Express, which I happen to be craving this second. Could eat there often.
  10. Ke$ha, because I read online she spends like $1000 a month on glitter, and everything online has to be true. I love glitter. A girl who buys glitter, $1000 worth of glitter per month, but know how to live life to her fullest. I want to be like Ke$ha and have lots and lots of glitter. Because if you have that much glitter you must be happy.
  11. Love, because as the song says, love is all you need.
  12. YouTube, cause I usually have a music playlist running in the background as I type. Oh yes, I YouTube.
  13. Dream, because in a dream I decided Caleb's name would be Caleb. Caleb the baby with the big cheeks. The chunk. The one who is very solid and should probably be in a school that has a football program. Caleb my stinky sweet blue eyes legally blind "fuller" (Home Alone ref).
  14. Home. You know they say you can't go home again.
  15. TLC, home of my favorite shows like Toddler and Tiaras, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and all those other train wrecks shows you just can't turn off.
  16. Tumblr, like the site. Sometimes I feel like I'm tumbling, and quite often I am. I was blessed with clumsiness.
  17. Jewel, who I was obsessed with at 17. I asked my mom for her poetry book for xmas, and she bought it. And then she took it back. My mom decided I was not old enough for Jewel's poetry. Perhaps I wasn't. Parked on the dock for hours, Jewel play softly in the background...
  18. Myco, pictured above. The one who had a crush on me since the 3rd grade, the one I did not notice until I was 18. The father of my children. The man who bought my Rebel.
  19. Thread, because life is held together with a thread. Praying my thread doesn't break or get snipped. It frays every now and then, gets quite thin, and I mend it together as best as I can. I went through a quilting stage too, lasted a few years. The problem is my personality changes. Evolution is just part of life though.
  20. Matt Nathanson, who makes my heart beat faster. Enough said.
  21. Hazel, the little girl that asks for a hug every 30 seconds. 5 going on 13. She lost three teeth this week. Drives me insane sometimes, is a Hello Kitty addict, and dresses kind of like Pippy Longstocking with lots of ridic layers.
  22. Netflix, which I have started watching daily. Is it wrong to watch so much TV at almost 30? Probably.
  23. The pen, which growing up was my best friend. Today pen is dropped away in a desk drawer and the keyboard is my best friend. I am a writer. I've always wanted to be a writer. I don't write what I thought I would, but my job is still writing. I should be more thankful.
  24. Stars, which I was married under in a planetarium, which I look up at. Living in the country I can see them, big, bright, and beautiful. So far away, the sky so big. It makes me feel little. Sometimes feeling like a speck is what you need.
Nope, not drunk.

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