Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Should've Measured Twice

"I don't mind it, I don't mind at all. It's like you're the swing set, and I'm the kid that falls. It's like the way we fight, the times I've cried. We come to blows and every night. The passion's there, so it's got to be right, right?" -Pink

Do you ever just look up? I'm sitting there waiting, letting it pass by, and I look up. How can you not notice something as simply beautiful as tree branches. And if you don't notice the tree branches, what else are you missing? Because you're missing something right in front of you. Just open your eyes.

I'm trying my best to open my eyes. It's hard when I've been blind for so long.

I wrote about being the girl who makes mistakes and didn't leave it up very long. I'm still the same girl making the same mistakes. And judging by my post most will assume I'm either drinking or I need a drink. :)

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