Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cooking Something New

So I'm doing a personal challenge where I cook something new at least one day a week. This week I completed my challenge on Monday. I tried a Chicago Deep Dish recipe from Kraft and a really unhealthy garlic cheesy bread recipe. (Recipe links listed on Monday's Menu Plan post.)

The Chicago Deep Dish recipe had the H unhappy before I even preheated the oven. I told him how the recipe had the meat and sauce in the same pan and cheese on top... I had to listen to how that IS NOT how Chicago style pizza is made... MEN!

When it came to the bread, the REALLY UNHEALTHY bread that called MAYO, I let the kids make it. I helped them understand the recipe, but they mixed it and topped it themselves. We made a double batch, so TWO WHOLE STICKS OF BUTTER were in this. The kids loved it, I thought it was way too much butter.
Any thoughts on something new I could try next week?

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