Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photo Challenge: Day 3 of 30

Today is day 3 of 30 for the photo challenge... I guess I'm 10% there.

See that girl?
She has thorns.
Get too close and she will prick you.

See that boy?
He is amazing.
He holds the world in his hands.
Amazing, creative, loving, and one of a kind.

So brave.
The boy goes where his mother will not.
Watch out for snakes love.
I have no fear mom.
That's what scares me my child.

Do me a favor?
Stay young.


  1. i like that....."stay young"

  2. This Dusty series made me cry, so sweet. :)


  3. Wonderful pics of Dusty!! and I also liked the "cactus" pics (last 2 are my favs)